Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 29-Mar-2024

Kanetik values your privacy and understand that some users may not wish for their personal information to be stored or shared, and therefore have set up this Privacy Policy.

In general, please note the following:

Consensual Information

Consensual information is information you provide Kanetik during regular use of the application, and directly by it. Kanetik may retain an app Instance ID, which you can replace and/or revoke at any time through your mobile phone, but Kanetik does not store any unique identifier by itself.

Moreover, If you contact us through the "help" section, then the information you provide us in the email will be stored, including any logging data you provide, which may include other identifying information that you entered in the app & may also include the names and package names of apps you have installed on your device. This information will be kept to a minimum, and every effort will be taken to avoid transmission of this data at all.

As an additional measure for security, Kanetik does not store any location information.

During regular use, no other information is retained.

You can request that I delete any stored data relating to you by contacting me via the "help" menu.

Use of Personally Identifying Data and Installed Application Data.

By default, Wakey does not send personally identifying data, nor installed application data, to any external service or repository. If you request support or enable logging via the app, however, such data may be sent to the Wakey developers and/or third-party vendors used to support those actions. For instance, support requests are sent via, and are routed to the developer via Gmail. Those requests may include installed application data which is used to support AppWake users. Support requests will include the name and email address you entered in the support form, so that the developer can contact you back. Likewise, if you enable logging, those logs (which are captured by SolarWind's PaperTrail service) may include installed application data for purposes of supporting the AppWake functionality. This data is never sent to any other party without express written permission from you.

Kanetik uses third-party services.

The app may use Google Analytics (, Firebase Analytics (, Crashlytics (, Paper Trail (, Azure (, and/or Firebase Cloud Messaging (, and Doorbell ( All these third party services retain information and have their own privacy policies, and you should also keep that in mind. These third party services may retain other information than specified in this Policy.

Who has access to your Information?

Kanetik has access to the information you entered and may use it to provide you with better services, and to improve the app. Apart from what is stated in this privacy policy, Kanetik does not provide third parties with any information regarding you, your friends, your identity or any other information.

Legal Requests.

Kanetik complies with all reasonable and legal requests from law authorities, and shall provide them with any information Kanetik is obliged to under law.

Review Of Your Personal Information.

Kanetik also provides you an option to review your information by sending an email to

How can you change/remove the information stored about you?

You can correct or change any errors in the information Kanetik retains by contacting Kanetik at, and can request deletion of personal data by submitting a request in the "Help" section of the app.

How does Kanetik secure the information?

Kanetik uses industry standards for security. The data for some apps' trial versions is stored on the Azure database, SSL is used for all outgoing communication during the application's regular operation.

Can Kanetik contact me with promotional offers?

Kanetik has a strict NO SPAM policy.

What do you do in case you feel your privacy was invaded?

If you believe or feel your privacy was invaded don't hesitate to contact Kanetic at

Amending this Policy.

Please note that Kanetik may change or amend this policy from time to time, and that Kanetik will notify about any change or amendment in our website.